Ultimate Tag

Hilarious multiplayer action

Ultimate Tag is hilarious multiplayer tag for your iPad!

Grab up to four of your friends and family for this action packed take on an age-old game. Yep, it’s just what you think it is!

Frenetic local multiplayer gameplay

An uproarious game, Ultimate Tag is great for families or for parties. You will laugh out loud when they frantically scramble away. Nice try Grandma, I have a few moves you weren’t expecting!

Multiple game modes

If the landscapes aren’t challenge enough, up the intensity and play reverse tag. It’s not so easy when *everyone* is out to get you!

Beautiful new environments

Dodge trees and park structures and… chickens?? Ultimate Tag has it all. You won’t get in trouble for running in the house either.


Bring on the competition! Ultimate Tag is right at home on game night. Host a tournament with your friends. No cardio required!


We’ve rebuilt everything from the ground up for our diehard fans. All new graphics, better touch controls, and brand new maps have all arrived per your request! And more to come…